Listening With The Body


Listening With The Body - The Art Of Communication is a physical practice that helps us discover the full meaning of communication. By applying its principles and practicing its exercises our behavior becomes less reactive and we find ourselves more connected with the world around us.


Whether on a personal or a professional level, communication can be challenging. We are often left feeling frustrated and isolated. One of the major reasons is that we often are caught up in seeing communication as a one-directional event - from one person towards another. We may feel we need to convince, seduce, apologize, berate, sell, etc... and in the emotion of the moment we lose sight of the other person or group. It is easy to forget that speaking is only one half of the communication equation. LISTENING, is the other half. How we listen determines the depth of our connection with our surroundings; it determines how and what we say.


True communication is an exchange between a person and his/her environment, a simultaneous giving and receiving. It is a flow of energy and information between us and the world around us that comes from a real connection. Through this type of  communication our connection actually deepens, and it leaves us changed: psychologically, emotionally, spiritually,... and finally also physically.


Listening With The Body focuses on the physical aspect of communication. We explore through a series of movement-and-sound exercises how the body functions as we communicate. We find out if our body with its everyday habits supports or hinders this process. We experience what our body feels like when we are in true connection with the people around us. We then begin the process of building a physical instrument that supports this connection.


Listening With The Body's mission is to create, through classes, workshops and retreats, a safe environment for people to explore how the physical body functions in the process of communication. It is our hope that this sense of safety will carry over into daily life so that we can experience a fuller connection with the world around us and thus create a greater sense of community.

"Wherever you are is the entry point!"

- Kabir -